Hidden Vale Adventure Park (HVAP) at Grandchester near Ipswich brings a unique outdoor experience to the region, with a multi-use 110 plus kilometre trail network for mountain bike riders, runners and walkers, winding through the expansive 12,000 acre Nature Refuge property.

Operating out of the luxurious getaway, Spicers Hidden Vale, it’s the perfect way to explore the great outdoors in this stunning location just 30 minutes’ drive from Ipswich. Access to Hidden Vale Adventure Park is only $20 for the day, or $99 for a 12 month membership with the sprawling property and trail network opening at 7am-3pm daily

Users sign in and out at the HVAP Trail-head where you collect a map, and then you have a world-class trail network at your disposal to explore, with great bush scenery, kangaroos for company, and even passing by an abandoned light plane. On return you have access to Spicers’ top-quality food and beverage options.

Enjoy the adventure.