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Date and time

Sat 05 / 11 / 2022, 12:00am -
Sun 06 / 11 / 2022, 12:00am AEST


617 Grandchester Mount Mort Road, Grandchester, 4340, QLD

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Event information

The 99 Bikes Dingo provides Fun and Entertainment for the whole family. RIDE only, RUN only TEAM challenge and the full DUATHLON options and the Duo Intro – including an event just for the KIDS and the Dingo ENDURO on Sunday it’s going to be another event to remember.



Dingo Howl: 40KM MTB RIDE (inc eBike)

Dingo Half Howl: 20KM MTB RIDE
Dingo Dash: 5KM Trail RUN
Dingo Duo: 5KM Trail RUN, 40KM MTB RIDE, 5KM Trail RUN
Dingo Duo Intro: 5KM Trail RUN, 20KM MTB RIDE, 5KM Trail RUN

Pup Dash: Kids Event
Dingo Enduro: Optional Practice from 3pm Saturday.
*distances may vary slightly


Dingo Enduro: 4 hours, 3 Stages – Ride stages in any order and as many times you like within the allocated 4hrs your best time from each stage will go towards your final result. Please note, no times after 12pm will be recorded. Stages will be announced on Saturday (day before event) if not leaked at an earlier date. Full Face helmets are not a requirement for this event.


1400: Camping Ground Opens NB: There will be Toilets and Showers available for the event weekend. Pets are not permitted.

1400: Selected HVAP MTB Trails Open to ride/run/enduro*

*Please do not disturb bunting or event signage


07:15: Registrations Open

08:05: Pup Dash Briefing

08:15: Pup Dash Start

09:35: Dingo Dash Briefing

09:35: Dingo Duo Briefing

09:45: Dingo Dash Start

09:45: Dingo Duo and Intro (1st Run Leg) Start

09:50: Dingo Howl and Half Howl Briefing

10:00: Dingo Howl and Half Howl Start

10:10: Pup Dash Presentations

10:30: Geckoes Wildlife 1hr Show Starts

11:00: Dingo Dash Presentations

14:00: Dingo Duo and Intro Presentations

14:00: Dingo Howl and Half Howl Presentations

15:00: Dingo Enduro Course open for Practise / Trails Open for Riding



6:30: Registration Opens

7:50: Dingo Enduro Rider Briefing

8:00: Dingo Enduro Event Start (All riders leave for stages)

12:00: Dingo Enduro Event Completion (No times after 12pm will be recorded)

2022 DINGO DASH (+ 1st and 3rd Leg of the DINGO DUO) – 5KM TRAIL RUN

Trails in the following order: Reload, Buckshot, Under Bridge, 007, Gully, Over Bridge.

View 5km Trail Run Map

2022 DINGO HOWL (+ 2nd Leg of the DINGO DUO)– 40KM MTB RIDE

Trails in the following order: Farm Rd to Skills Park, Dodgem, Farm Rd to Intervention, up Intervention, Treedom, Dandy’s (reverse), Fairy Wren, Plane Sailing, Farm Rd, Snake, Escalator.

x1 lap for the INTRO. 2x Laps for the HOWL

View 40km MTB Ride Map

Enduro Trails TBA

Dingo Howl: 40KM MTB RIDE. Dingo Half Howl: 20KM MTB RIDE.
Dingo Dash: 5KM Trail RUN
Dingo Duo: 5KM Trail RUN, 40KM MTB RIDE, 5KM Trail RUN
Pup Dash: Kids Event
Dingo Enduro: Optional Practice from 3pm Saturday.
*distances may vary slightly


Entry Fee: – $25 U14 – $15 

Categories: Male and Female – U14, U19, 20–39, 40+

The DINGO DUO original – 5km Trail Run | 40km MTB Ride | 5km Trail Run!

$99, Team (2 or 3) – $149

Categories: Solo – Male and Female – U29, 30–39, 40+ | Team (2 or 3) – Male, Female, Mixed

The DINGO DUO INTRO – 5km Trail Run | 20km MTB Ride | 5km Trail Run!

Entry Fee: Solo – $79

Entry Fee: Teams – $149

Categories: Solo – Male and Female – U29, 30–49, 50+

Categories: Relay Teams – Open, 2 or 3 per team

DINGO HOWL 40KM and 20KM (MTB ONLY) Test yourself against the rest on the best single track at Hidden Vale Adventure Park!

Entry Fee: $69 (U19), $79 Solo – 20KM $49

Categories: Male and Female – U19, 20–39, 40+, Single Speed, eBike (20KM Open and U19)


A two leg event just for the kids! Following a Run – Ride format, all ‘Pups’ will be running an out and back course, followed by a 2km course ride – the number of laps of each dependent on which grade level they chose to compete in!

A Grade – 2km out and back Run Course, 3x laps 2km Ride Course B Grade – 1.5km out and back Run Course, 2x laps 2km Ride Course C Grade – 1km out and back Run Course, 1x lap 2km Ride Course

Entry Fee: $15

Categories: Male and Female – A Grade, B Grade, C Grade – Children must be Under 16 to compete

Dingo Enduro

Entry Fee: $59 (U16 – U19), $69

Categories: Male and Female – Open/Elite, U16, U19, 19-39, 40+, eBike

For all general enquiries – including sponsor and volunteer, please feel free to contact us anytime using the details below:

Event Organiser

Hayden Brooks
E: [email protected]
M: 0414 343 579

Q. Can we bring our Pet?
A. Hidden Vale Adventure Park is a Nature Refuge. No domestic animals are permitted on the property or at HVAP events.

Q. Are there water points throughout the courses?
A. Yes, there’s water on course. Trail run refill points (approx) 2.5km and Start/Finish area. MTB refill points (approx) 10km,and Start/Finish area.

Q. Can we have fires?
A. There is a total fire ban at and during the event, this includes open flame cooking.

Q. Can we practice the course, ride out and spectate or ride other trails during the event weekend?
A. All Hidden Vale Trails are CLOSED for the duration of the 99 Bikes Dingo weekend. Only event participants will be permitted on the trails within their allocated event times. Sunday entrants are allowed to practice on Saturday afternoon. No other riders are to be on track outside of your event. Saturday entrants are not permitted on trails on Sunday.

Q. Can I ride/run alongside my child in the kids events? (KIDS EVENTS ONLY)
A. Parents may accompany children on course if supervision is required. All children who have a parent supervisor riding with
them MUST start in the last wave of the kids’ events. Parents MUST stay out of the way of other children competing. If parent supervisor is not competing in another event over the course of the weekend, they must notify registration team of their
intention to supervise and sign a waiver at registration. Children who have a parent supervisor ride with them will not
be eligible for a podium positions.

Q. I have entered into the eBike 40km, can I use two (2) batteries? Are there any other rules?
A. Yes, you’re welcome to use another battery however you won’t be eligible for podium. eBikes are to be of Australian standard max 250W and must be pedal assist.

Q. How do I enter my child as it says they are under 18 and won’t allow the registration?
A. You will need to select – Registering Someone Else, before entering your details and then entering the child’s details as the participant.