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Date and time

Sat 02 / 07 / 2022, 12:00am -
Sun 03 / 07 / 2022, 12:00am AEST


617 Grandchester Mount Mort Rd, Grandchester, 4340

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Event information

Staged at the ‘Epic’ Hidden Vale Adventure Park, the 3PLUS3 consists of 2, 3hr races over two days. Two courses both operating over the 2 days – One for the Competitors (Racers) and the other for the Completer’s (Social). The next day they are switched offering new challenges and extra fun factor!

This year we offer a new category which will see the runners hit the trails, offering a 5km loop, 3 hours on Saturday and 3 hours again on Sunday. Run Solo or grab two of your mates and complete the 3PLUS3 as a trio team. How many laps can you get in?

Podium prizes/medals for those on the Racing course and spot prizes handed out through-out the day for those riding the Social course – enjoying a safe and friendly track environment – perfect for beginners and those in it for fun!

Before the main race each day, watch the kids enjoy themselves racing their new friends. By night, have a go on the Mechanical Bull and enjoy the feast of meat and roast veggies (pre-order date to be announced).


Friday 1st July, 2022

1400: Camp Grounds Open – Toilets available (Showers operational Saturday PM and Sunday)

 1400: Selected HVAP MTB Trails Open to ride*

*Please do no disturb bunting or event signage.


Saturday 2nd July, 2022

0900: Registrations Open

1000: Kids Activities Open

1020: Kids Event Briefing

1030: Kids Event Start

1145: Kids Presentations (Leader recognition for Giant 3PLUS3 kids)

1200: Lunch

1200: Registration Closes

1220: 3PLUS3 Event Briefing

1230: 3PLUS3 Event Start (Racers Course, Social Course)

1530: 3PLUS3 Course Closes

1530: Showers open and available

1615: Last Riders Return

1630: Presentations (Sat only races & leader recognition for Norco 3PLUS3 riders)

1730: Dinner – Feast and Mechanical Bull (from 5pm)

2100: Entertainment and main marquee closes


Sunday 3rd July, 2022

0700: Breakfast and Coffee
0730: Registrations Open

0730: Kids Activities Open

0805: Kids Event Briefing

0815: Kids Event Start

0950: 3PLUS3 Event Briefing

1000: 3PLUS3 Event Start (Racers and Social)

1200: Lunch

1300: 3PLUS3 Course Closes

1345: Last Riders Return

1400: Final Presentations and Major Prize Draws

2019 courses below – these are subject to change for 2022

Saturday 3hr Race Course (Competitor)

View Satuday 3hr Race Course (Competitor) Map

Sunday 3hr Race Course (Competitor)

View Sunday 3hr Race Course (Competitor) Map

Saturday 3hr Social Course (Completer)

View Saturday 3hr Social Course (Completer) Map

Sunday 3hr Social Course (Completer)

View Sunday 3hr Social Course (Completer) Map

3PLUS3 – Kids Course

View 3PLUS3 – Kids Course Map

Solo – 3PLUS3

3 Hours of Solo Racing x 2 Days and 2 Different Tracks!

Entry Fee: $99 Solo (Racing Course – Competitor)

Entry Fee: $79 Solo (Social Course – Completer)

Categories: Male and Female – U19, 20-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+, Single Speed

Solo – 3hr Saturday

Ride the 3hr Saturday Course Only!

Entry Fee: $65 (Racing Course – Competitor)

Entry Fee: $49 Solo (Social Course – Completer)

Categories: Male and Female – Open

Solo – 3hr Sunday

Ride the 3hr Sunday Course Only!Entry Fee: $65 (Racing Course – Competitor)

Entry Fee: $49 Solo (Social Course – Completer)

Categories: Male and Female – Open

Team of 2 – 3PLUS3

3 Hours of Relay Team Racing x 2 Days and 2 Different Tracks!

(One team rider on track at a time – relay style)

Entry Fee: $189 (Racing Course – Competitor’s)

Entry Fee: $149 (Social Course – Completer’s)

Categories: Team of 2 Male, Team of 2 Female, Team of 2 Mixed

Kids – 3PLUS3

1, 2 or 3 Laps of a Specially Designed Kids Course x 2 Days and Different Directions!Entry Fee: $25

Categories: Male and Female – A Grade (3 Laps – 6.6km total), B Grade (2 Laps – 4.4km total) or C Grade (1 Lap – 2.2km total) Balance Bike (1 Lap – 2.2km total)

Kids – One Day Only (Social)

1, 2 or 3 Laps of a Specially Designed Kids Course 1 DayWhen: Saturday OR Sunday – One Day Only (social)

Entry Fee: $15

Categories: Male and Female – Choose on the day if you want to ride 1, 2 or 3 laps

NB: Kids Social Events are Eligible for Spot Prizes only.  Medals and Prizes will not be awarded for podium positions in this event division.

For all general enquiries – including sponsor and volunteer, please feel free to contact us anytime using the details below:

Event Organiser

Hayden Brooks
E: [email protected]
M: 0458 548 579